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Clone Yourself

Too many tasks? Too little time?

With more tasks in your life than time to complete them, you may need to do something different...

So...CLONE yourself. That's right...CLONE yourself!

No need to wait for more scientific discovery on cloning. There is a process that has been around for a very long time which I've nick named, "Managed Delegation."

Here are the simple steps for initiating a successful cloning of yourself by "Managed Delegation."

  1. Organize the tasks required to accomplish the goal and identify the timeline required for completion.

  2. Define each task with its required details.

  3. Assign personnel to each task or multiple tasks as required.

  4. Go over each task with the assigned individual as well as the whole team. (When possible, assign a team lead with the responsibility to be your voice on the project in order to provide quality control and keep the project moving along in your absence.)

  5. Recognize that unexpected things may happen, so review with your clone(s) "what if” scenarios and make contingency plans.

  6. Follow up! Follow up! Follow up to assure that the tasks are clearly understood.

  7. Lastly, .......... LET IT GO!!!

Realizing that "nobody can do the job as well as YOU would...

PLEASE let the clones complete the work you've prepared them to do!

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