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Vacation Cloud Nine

There you were… Planning this year's vacation.

Anticipation feeding a high that soared you right up to Vacation Cloud Nine! Then you remembered: the load that you faced the first day back after last year's vacation. Before a down draft engulfs you.....STOP!

Plan for your return before you leave!

Develop a comfort zone for both yourself and your team, by managing your return to work with these four steps:

1. List all tasks and events to be completed in the next two months. (A rolling 12 month calendar of program tasks and events should be kept at all times.)

2. Arrange two meetings with your team:

The first, the day before you leave; the second, your first day back.

At the "before meeting", review any tasks to be prepared or completed not only for your time away but also for the month beyond. Clarify who has primary task responsibility.

At the "first day back meeting", review the prior list. Update and list the follow up tasks and responsibilities.

3. Minimize the time you allow for business email.

Set a time to review emails or to make business calls. Most importantly, realize there are no "REAL" emergencies......or at least very, very few. Most things benefit from a lapse of time. Good decisions benefit from breathing room. Today's instant communication has exploded expectations to unrealistic levels. Remember: American business was considered quite efficient before email/text messaging. So selfishly husband your vacation time.

4. Schedule the last meeting of the first day back for "ME TIME".

This can be anything that pleases you, such as a massage or simply tuning in to your favorite music. However, it must be an hour alone and disconnected from tech gadgets.

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