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Break That Resolution

Most resolutions end before their first week is out because they are...

Too brief, Too broad, and Totally under-directed!

Whether in our personal or professional lives, we set ourselves up for failure because the objective we set is poorly designed or unachievable.


Break those resolutions now, and start over by following these


1. Describe the objective in detail. 2. Set a reasonable timeline to accomplish it. 3. Establish a good reason for doing it. 4. Lay out a plan to achieve it.

5. Write everything down.

A personal example: I want to de-clutter my closet.”


Break it now!

Rewrite it using the above rules.

I will complete the de-cluttering of my bedroom closet in two months, so that I can reorganize the closet with hanging and shelf space. To do this, I will sort all the clothes into “keep,” “donate” or “discard” piles and purchase a specialized system to fit the space.

A professional example: I want to recruit one new board member for my organization.


Break it now!

Rewrite it using the above rules.

I will recruit one new board member for my organization within the next six months. The new board member will balance the strength of the individual board members and maintain the uneven number of members for voting purposes. To recruit the appropriate board member, I will use our organization's "Board Selection Matrix" * to focus a community outreach by connecting with business and social groups, like the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary, the Montgomery County Volunteer Center, etc.

Yes.... Improve your chances of keeping your resolutions by following these five rules.


* The Trawick Foundation "Board Selection Matrix” is here. If you have not done one for your organization, do it first.


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