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Lead Partner:  The Center for Adoption Support and Education(C.A.S.E.)


Partners: JCA Heyman Interages Center, and VisArts.


Project Description: LEAP was a project serving youth in foster care (with adoption plans) or adopted.  LEAP served to promote the following outcomes for youth: membership and belonging within an adoptive community, leadership development, health and wellness, and artistic self- expression. The facilitation of licensed therapists was woven into the fabric of arts related activities, field trips and parent workshops.  Also, LEAP engaged alum through various events held with the youth and their families.


Although there were three primary partners on the team, there had been up to 18 secondary partners at various times. For example, the Montgomery County Department of Recreation provided, at no charge, a critical resource of transportation, drivers and vans.


The project annually served 25 youth and their families as well as alumni. It was funded for four years and is currently inactive.

Funding: Full TeamUp funding for initial three years. Challenge grant awarded 2013.


TeamUp 2009


The Leadership, Empowerment and Action Project

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