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Basics of a “Good Meeting”**

Why do most of us dread meetings?

Usually because so many of them go on and on…without Direction and Control.

So if you are in charge of a meeting, or responsible for setting it up for the chair, here are some basics to have a "good" meeting: One in which everyone leaves feeling it was productive and not a waste of their time.

1. Plan the agenda… (see the Checklist “GPS”)

2. Send the agenda out in advance with any materials that are required for review

3. List the designee assigned to each item

4. Check with each designee in advance to assure their preparedness

5. Start the meeting promptly

6. Place action items at the beginning of the agenda

7. Place estimated times for each discussion item as an aid to keep the meeting moving

8. Have a recognized and respected “Sergeant” who

….. knows the organization ins and outs, bylaws, etc.

….. speaks up when a situation arises requiring the information

9. If for any item, the Group Consensus is that more information is needed, always defer action until the information is obtained. An individual or an ad hoc committee should be assigned to get the information and report back in an agreed upon timeframe.

10. End the meeting at the agreed upon time

** “Good Meeting” Extras:

-Pre or post meeting refreshments

-Repetitive reward strategy

Example: “Kisses” - At the beginning of meeting, allot 5-10 minutes for individual members to share site visits or meetings with constituents. Give out

candy kisses for each report.

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