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TeamUp 2012




Lead Partner: Imagination Stage


Partners: Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, Ivymount, and The Puppet Co.


Project Description:  

Now into its 4th year, ArtAbility continues to provide students with autism spectrum disorders, a wide range of artistic genres including drama, music, movement and the visual arts. The long history of working with the team of lead teachers remaining the same has been a significant asset. 


ArtAbility features two phases for its participants, 20 middle school students with Autism Spectrum disorder.  The Spring Sampler series provided a series of community based, sensory friendly, family experiences that allow young people to enjoy a range of cultural art experiences while sharing time with their caregivers and siblings in a welcoming and supportive environment.  The second phase is the Summer Intensive which will offer a two week, full day multi- arts experiences for the participants.  Students will work together as an ensemble to create an original art installment.


Approximately 15 area high school teen mentors are selected as inclusion facilitators.  They receive specialized training covering disability awareness, ensemble-building, and various art forms. The teen mentor’s primary goal is to ensure that the ArtAbility student feels successful, and supported.  Teen mentors are close in age to the students and are able to foster a different type of connection than the adults. 


TeamUp funding for the initial three years

Challenge grant in 2016

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